Equipment Used: Washing up brushes, dustpan brushes. Swedish blue and yellow ground emulsion paint. Black acrylic paint.

Approach: Using the brush shape as a stencil to paint around.

Actions: Place and paint.

Development: Painting quickly around the brush gave beautiful thick strokes of paint, leaving a trapped white negative space inside. Wanted to reduce the amount of white residing around all the brush shapes and so went in with black paint that had more viscosity. The thick paint seems to hold the memory of the action. Scudding/scrubbing the black ink infill.  

Conclusion: On this piece of canvas we enjoyed the immediacy and beauty of the brush strokes created with just the thought of using the brush as the stencil. As this piece seemed to resemble something organic, the interlocking shapes almost like life forms. We felt the strength is in the whole of the image, not to be cut up or re-assembled, simply because you can’t cut through a shape without drastically altering it. This week differed from many of the previous weeks, this was shape-driven rather than the richness of layers.





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