Equipment Used: mop (long handled), foam squeegee, dustpan and brushes. Colours: orange, red& black

Approach: Responding to different supports and colours. .

Actions: Tip, Sploshing, wipe away, staining, dribbling, pour, sweep, throw, scrape, push and pull, throw the implement.

Development: All the action seemed to be within the middle sections of the panels, therefore we masked off the edges with brown paper to strengthen the image. More of a journey reading the painting left to right, but we also found the image appealing vertically.

Conclusion: The 3 panels felt a comfortable space again to work in for two people and large gestures. Spacious. The circular forms along with the linear seemed pleasing. The experimental marks were sometimes very surprising when investigating what the materials can do. The artist is then able to see things within.





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