We collaborate.

We embrace the unexpected.

Our ethos is to be in the moment - that transitory is ok. We are not interested in making an 'end product'. We visually document as we go along and are free to let things go and move on, allowing the next moment to emerge. It is a fundamentally different way of painting.

There is a physicality to the process and the scale is large. 

The Story

Big brushes have for a long time been instruments to just move dust and dirt from one place to another, rarely a recognised achievement as the ‘women’s work’ merely maintained the status quo of a presentable house.  An instrument of drudgery and repetitive unrecognised labour.

As artists we thought we would emancipate Big Brushes.

We use the instruments that women have been enslaved to for centuries – the sweeping brush, the mop, the birch twig broom and make large art with them instead.




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