Equipment Used: Restricted to long handled brush only. Graphite powder and earth pigment = imitating “dust”.

Approach: Responding to simplification and repeated movements.

Actions: Tip and sweep.

Development: Interesting to see how the graphite settled into the compressed areas of cardboard. Strangely, the brush seemed to create images of a brush itself! Repeated movements creating exciting “drawing type” marks, although this was purely accidental not intentional. We walked through the image creating another presence of the self. Earth pigment used in same way as graphite powder. Subtle image.

Conclusion: The 2 panels used in a vertical presentation gave us the opportunity to create long sweeping actions. The unexpectedness of the results really excited us, the repetition of movement creating these very dynamic rhythms and depth. Felt this could possibly be expanded. The image was also a transcient one, as when it was picked up, the powder fell away, leaving very little behind. So documentation of this process was of utmost importance, plus we were super excited.





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