Equipment Used: mop (long handled), foam squeegee, brush (long handled), dustpan and brush, washing up brushes, scourers, mophead (string), paint trays, rags, household paints at our disposal (re-purposing ). Colours used: crimson, red, black paint, powder pigment not graphite. Two stretched canvases.

Approach: Responding to different supports and colours. Adding water to image.

Actions: Tip, Sploshing, wipe away, staining, dribbling, pour, sweep, throw, scrape, push and pull, throw the implement.

Development: Through the process of big physical body movement, rhythms of time incorporated in sweep of mop etc. Also felt the need to re-orientate the two canvases, firstly they were side by side in length, but altered them as side by side in width. Trying to bring back the authenticity of exploring with the tools, rolling the scourers, trying to be true to the tools and not “arty”. Created circular spinning movement with dustpan edge.

Conclusion: Felt it necessary connect the two canvases by using a large sweeping gesture to go across the surface of both.




The image created contained some of those essential elements in art without being anything in particular. Depth, colour, contrast of hard and soft. We felt satisfied with our conclusion and had enjoyed the laughter and discussion of the journey it had taken us on.


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