Sarah Ball and Melissa Wishart are professional artists who exhibit regularly through solo shows and galleries.

At the beginning of 2020 we embarked on the Big Brush Art adventure having come up with the idea of liberating the brushes of 'women's work' in the autumn at David Chandler's group where we both work on Monday mornings.

We wanted to work collaboratively and big, on the floor using inexpensive household paint and jars of graphite and pigment that we already had. We worked on cardboard and invested in a big roll of canvas with funding from Somerset Art Works. This meant we did not have to be precious about anything.

A call and response way of working evolved so one artist made a mark and the other responded. As the canvas on the floor was large it physically could accommodate working together. There was a steady flow of articulated ideas - how to make marks, shift paint, alter composition, play and run with discoveries ..the beauty of spontaneous collaborative working.

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