Equipment: mop (long handled), foam squeegee, brush (long handled), dustpan and brush, washing up brushes, scourers, mophead (string), paint trays, rags, household paints at our disposal (repurposing ). Colours used: orange, Swedish blue, graphite powder and black paint, canvas on the roll.

Approach: Where to we start? Thoughts: by creating the “mess” and then endeavouring to “tidy it up” initially. Tipped paint on canvas and brush.

Actions: Tip, pour, sweep, throw, scrape, push and pull, hurle the implement.

Development: A layering process built up gradually from the continual actions creating Depth. Colour mixing happening on the canvas.

Conclusion: Felt it necessary to pour paint back on top of all the layers to reach a final conclusion. Gerhard Richter “When it no longer disturbs you” is the place we wanted to reach and this action accomplished that.  Not attached at any stage of the process. Discovering what marks / effects the tools could make.



The image created contained some of those essential elements in art without being anything in particular. Depth, colour, contrast of hard and soft. We felt satisfied with our conclusion and had enjoyed the laughter and discussion of the journey it had taken us on.


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